Single Family Wauwatosa, WI

"We can't thank you enough for all the advice and personal attention to details you gave in preparing our home for sale. Your objective and independent advice helped us remove our emotions from this home sale transaction, and focus on what would speed this transaction, so that we could complete the sale and move forward with ...the purchase of our new home. You also removed the emotional chaos for my family."

"I believe we could never have sold our home as quickly as we did (4 weeks) and achieved the sale price we did without your service."

"The home looked so good after you were done, it was hard to move."

"Your 'Action Plan' helped us focus on tasks to be accomplished. This was priceless."

"The buyers mentioned they chose our home because they 'didn't have to mess around with fixing a lot of things'." We feel the services you provided when coordinated with a real estate agent...was the key to our home's quick sale and attainment of the asking price within a difficult market."

-John Ellison

Family Room Before
Family Room After

Family Room Before
Family Room After

Boy's Bedroom Before
Boy's Bedroom After

Girl's Bedroom Before
Girl's Bedroom After

Living Room Before
Living Room After

Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After

Basement Before, Water Softener
Basement Before, Water Softener

Basement Before, Breaker Box
Basement After, Breaker Box

Basement Before, Water Heater
Basmement After, Water Heater